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In 2005, 2008 and 2009, the Private Hospital Saint-Gregoire has been awarded as the first private hospital in France,
by the French magazine LE POINT.

This hospital is in the top ten of private institutions in France and the first one in Brittany. Brand new buildings shelter 370 beds for inpatients and 19 surgery rooms. 180 senior specialists work here  on the basis of the highest standards of equipment and experience. All the devices of modern imaging (CT scan, RMI, scintigraphy...) are available.

Dr Georges de Korvin    

Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (Physiatrist)

Vice-President of the French Union of PRM

Half a floor of the front building is devoted to the Musculo-Squelettal Outpatient Unit. 11 surgeons, 2 physiatrists, 3 orthotists and 9 physiotherapists cooperate very closely together and offer a hollistic approach to the patient.

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  • Centre Hospitalier Privé Saint-Grégoire
    6, boulevard de la Boutière

    CS 56816 - 35768 SAINT-GREGOIRE CEDEX
  • Office : 0033 2 23 25 30 92
    Email :

How to go to Rennes and the "Centre Hospitalier Privé Saint-Grégoire" ?

  • By ferry and car : channel crossings to Roscoff, Saint-Malo, Cherbourg, Caen... Good motorways to Rennes.
  • By train : TVG (fast train) from Paris to Rennes (2 hours and 1/4).
  • By plain : many direct or connected flights to Rennes. 


We deal with any pain, diformity and disabilities caused by orthopeadic, rheumatologic or neurological disorders, such as :

  • Back pain and sciatica ; neck pain.
  • Scoliosis and cyphosis of children and adults.
  • Arthritis and tendon pain, specially of knees and shoulders.
  • Recent or past injuries of spine and limbs, in collaboration with the surgical team. 
  • Pain and deformations of the feet ; functional podology.
  • Neurologic disabilities due to nerve injuries, paraplegia, hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis or brain trauma.
  • Cerebral palsy and neuromuscular diseases.
  • Abnormal scars after injury, burn or surgery.
  • Follow up of outpatients after surgical procedures, such as knee ligamentoplasty.

Our means for diagnosis

  • Electromyography
  • Isocinetic dynamometer
  • Spinal Mouse
  • Computerized podography
  • All modern imaging (Xrays, CTscan, RMI, echography, scintigraphy, doppler) is available with short waiting periods at CHP Saint-Grégoire.

Our means for treatment

  • As far as possible, we try to limit treatments by drugs and we prefer to use physical means and rehabilitation, with the goal to overcome disability and to resume professional and leisure activities.
  • Osteopathy is used for benign spinal disorders, after a complete medical examination.
  • Rehabilitation can be supervised in our outpatient facility (including a special swimming pool) with a team of skilled physiotherapists. We also give advice for home based rehabilitation which is a very usefull way to recovery.
  • Injections in joints or in the spine can be done eithe by the time of the consultation or in the department of radiology, under radioscopic or CTscan control.
  • Orthotic and prosthetic devices are supplied and controlled in close relationship with orthotists :
    • Plastic jackets and belts
    • Orthoses for the limbs
    • Plantar soles and orthopaedic shoes
    • Moulded seats
    • Prosthesis for amputees